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Finding work in Fuerteventura

I regularly receive emails from people who have found our guide to Bars and Restaurants in Fuerteventura, looking for work. These range from people looking for some part time bar work over the summer months, to entire families relocating permanently and looking for a business opportunity.

I always advise that most employers here do not consider somebody for a role, until they’ve actually arrived on the Island, and have got settled. There are exceptions to the rule of course, but this is generally the norm. So many people move over without the proper planning, and then let down their employer when they scoot off again. This causes most employers to be very wary.

So what can you do to find work in Fuerteventura? First of all, look at your previous experience, and see if it is easily transferable to a holiday island. You may have provided training and managed motivational classes for 250 staff from a chain of “car scraper manufacturers”, but there really isn’t a call for that here. Instead look at your transferable skills. Maybe there is something there that can help to drive you in a completely new direction.

Many people come out and want to do something completely different. A number of us had very busy, high stress careers back in the UK – and would now like to chill out a bit, and reduce those stress levels. Be warned though… if you thrived under pressure before, you may find that you’ll either actively seek that again – or you’ll get bored. We were bored in under a week of the 2 week holiday we promised ourselves when we arrived – and couldn’t wait to crack on with work.

Do you want to be employed by someone else, and let them take the stress of the day to day running? Or do you want to set up your own business, and be in control of your destiny? Do your research, and speak to other people who have made the move. Learn from their experiences.

Both Alan and I choose to work long hours, 6 days a week, and put ourselves “through the mill”. It stimulates us, and has enabled us to build a successful business. And hey – it’s all for our future happiness too right?

But whereas in the UK, we’d have a tiring commute each day, and a slog to line someone else’s pockets – here we can choose our own hours, take a day off if we want to, have our lunch out on the terrace, basically do exactly what we want, when we want to. A cigarette break back in the UK was spent shivering outside a cold damp building, sheltering from the wind and rain. Now it’s outside, in the glorious sunshine… with a stunning volcanic backdrop.

14 Responses to Finding work in Fuerteventura

  • sally says:

    hi there,my name is sally,i live in el cotillo and am trying to find bar work,please can you help me,thanks,regards sally

  • admin says:

    Hi Sally / and thank you for leaving a comment. Unfortunately we cannot operate a job finding service… but get those flat shoes on, and go speak in person to as many bar owners as you can. And then keep going back again and again… so they don-t forget your face.
    Good luck!
    Elle x

  • janette greer says:

    I was wondering if i could pick your brain, i spoke to last year by the way about moving with my family to fuerte, we actually have moved are have settled done to a quite comfortable life.
    But i am currently planning to start my business up again on the island and on doing some research have found that it seems that nobody supplies pure essential oils(i’m an alternative therapist) on the island and my question is, is there some law that prohibits the selling of these oils (unless your a pharmacy) or is it that nobody sells pure oils, i have tried everybody i know on the island and they don’t seem to either,
    any feedback would be very much appreciated
    thanks janette

  • Anthony says:

    hi my name is Anthony, i am trying to find bar or restaurant work in Caleta de fuste. Can you please help me, thanks, Anthony

  • admin says:

    We can’t, I’m afraid, Anthony. It’s best to approach the bars and restaurants direct hon.

    Good luck though!

  • Andy says:

    In terms of employment, is it likely to be just bar/restaurant work, or are there other career options available? And do I have to be fluent in Spanish, or can I learn it from (pretty much) scratch on the island?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • Katerina says:

    Hello, my name is Katerina i’m from Russia but i’ve lived in Egypt for 3 years already. I try to find any job in Fuerteventure. I speak good english, italian and of course russian. i will be very glad if u help me to find job there!

    with best wishes!

  • April says:

    hi do you need any paper work or anything to work in fuerte?

  • Lillian Jacobs says:

    Hello My husband and i are in our fiftys we would love to come out there to live but would have to work I am a untrained nurse who currently works at a Hospice but i have been nusing 20 years My husband is a bus Driver what chances are there for us is it worth a try can you put us in contact with anyone

  • Nathan says:

    I’m looking to come over to fueta this year and hopefully find some work,anybody know of any cheap/decent accommodation . Thanks

  • heather penk says:

    hi lived in fuerte for 8yrs met my now husband there. had a family of two and now desperate to get back both worked and managed bars and restaurants in engish and spanish. want to move to calletta its where to start getting on the list. Both self employed in uk so can leave within 2 wks.HELP we need to get back

  • Stu says:

    Is there any website to contact people from the uk working in feurtaventura.or anyone reading this who could help in any way about working outhere

  • Stu says:

    Heather are you working outhere again now

  • hi I used to live and work on the markets in fuerte about 7 years ago now..i am looking to relocate back in fuerte and I am looking for any good oppurtunities in business and any good long term rentals..my preferred place to live is caleta de fuste,,hope to here from you thanks diane chadderton

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