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Things we wish we’d known before we moved

You can’t possibly know everything there is to know about moving to Fuerteventura before you arrive. We hope that this website goes some way to helping you… but every situation is different, and factors in many variables.

But here is a list of some things that we wished we’d known before we made the move to the Canaries.

1. We wished we had known about companies such as HiFX, and how much money we could have added to our pot, simply by transferring our savings to Spain through them.

2. Official documentation. Make sure that you have FULL copies of birth certificates for yourselves and your children. These full documents have both your parents’ name on too – unlike the shorter versions which omit this… and aren’t worth the paper they’re written on here for anything remotely legal… but which are the ones given out in the UK as standard. It is much easier to get those copies before you move over, than once you’re here… so do get them.

3. We wish we had learned more Spanish. Ok… so it hasn’t held us back in business (almost all of our clients speak English) but out of respect for the country we have moved to, and its people – we wish we’d made more of an effort. Moving to a foreign land is daunting enough… and knowing a bit more of the lingo is one less hurdle to overcome.

4. I wish I had brought all my kitchen stuff over. I left things behind such as our slowcooker, breadmaker, and silly little things like that. We planned to buy all new once we arrived… and were horrified by the prices of electrical items once we were here. Whilst trying to settle into new home, you really don’t need the extra expense.

That’s it really. But we’d like to hear from you – and what things you wished you’d known before you arrived. Either drop us an email to or leave a comment

4 Responses to Things we wish we’d known before we moved

  • Hmm.. how easy is it to find work in the Canaries if you do not speak Spanish? What sort of places would I have to be looking at?

  • Me too…I would like to work in Fuerteventura. I am moving with my son who is 18 and while we have accommodation and some income, we are worried that we won’t have enough money to live on. I wonder if anyone can let me know where and how to find work, the restrictions on driving with a UK licence (we have the use of a van), and generally, the cost of living on the island. It is so exciting but also very daunting too.

  • Hi Elle,
    What a useful and friendly website. We are thinking about living on Fuerteventura. We are translators so we could work provided there are good internet and email services. Is there good provision on the island? There will be more questions. All the best for now
    Mike and Regina

  • Do you know if the ferry route to Tafaya is defo happening in December? We have just bought our first duplex in ?Fuerteventura and I thought this development was really exciting to tell our rental guests?!


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